Khamila is a Penn State graduate with a background in Integrative Arts and Media. She uses her creativity and natural design abilities to enhance the DSQ brand, by designing beautiful custom albums and keepsakes. 

Khamila has since begun design work with other industry professionals.  She stays up on the latest trends and keeps her perspective fresh and is always focused on the finished look that the client is looking for.

Your finished product is something that will represent you for the rest of your life, Khamila will make sure it's something you love and are proud to share. 

DSQphotography on Zola

Darnell Barnes is the owner founder of DSQPhotography.  What initially began as a retirement plan quickly blossomed into a full time lifestyle.

Darnell is a visionary and a romantic, he believes in capturing the power of the moment and making it last forever.  Darnell's passion stems from Love and Family.  People capture memories of those that they Love or for those that they Love!

With over 100 Weddings captured, numerous family sessions, countless model shoots and true love of people, Darnell has made DSQPhotography a respected small business in the Tri state area.

You may never have this moment again... make it count.

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